Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation
Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation

Eleanor Schlafly
Co-Founder and Former President, 1919-2018

The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation is a worldwide, non-profit educational organization which offers reliable information on the nature, propaganda and goals of atheistic Communism.

Founded in 1958 by Rev. C. Stephen Dunker, C.M., a missionary expelled from China by the Communists, the Foundation provides reliable information on the secular attacks on faith and family values; upholds the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church, and exposes persecutions and abuses of human rights around the globe.

The Foundation's name honors Venerable Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty of Hungary, a saintly hero, who refused to compromise with the evils of Communism and endured 23 years of imprisonment and isolation.

Pope Pius XI's famous encyclical "Divini Redemptoris" remains the official teaching of the Catholic Church on Communism and it remains the Foundation's valuable guide for education, action and prayer.

Our Lady of Fatima's requests for prayer, penance, and sacrifice, are emphasized in order to bring peace in the world.


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